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Wednesday, May 19, 2004
i was jus reading other blogs and i find it amazingly informative and really thought provoking. There are many other things in life than jus living. Today we went to Rmall in mulund. It is a small mall by any account and there weren't crowd even. Maybe because it was around 2.00 PM when we went.
leaving that aside, where is this country heading?. The drama that we saw yesterday had been wonderful. Sonia's Refusal to lead the government citing Inner Voice is ludicrous. Where had this inner voice gone when she came via the back door to the party's president post?. Where was this inner voice when everyone in the congress was screaming from their throat that sonia will be the next primeminister?.
this is a good ploy to divert attention and gain sympathy.
may be I'm wrong. But this is what i can think of... Using inner voice and conscience as a reason for refusing the PM's post is not a right one MRs.Gandhi that too at this point of time.


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