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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Message in a Bottle! 

The recent article that I read in Fast Company had outlined the quest and thirst we seem to have with bottled water- While in India, I think it can atleast by justifiable with a notion that not all tap water is safe to drink [provided there is water available in the tap in the first place], I find it really surprising when people gobble up bottles of packaged water when they do get safe drinking water in tap.

It is indeed surprising why people wouldn't trust their tap water- is it some sort of a psychological barrier, that the tap water brings in? Is it some collective intelligence that runs against the tap water? I don't know for sure, but this mentality seem to exist everywhere. May be it is because, we tend to value anything that is free (not to mean that the tap water is free- I assume it is being taxed- not sure about how it works in US, but for sure it is taxed in India) or atleast cheap, lesser than we value that is costly? Is the mere monetary value the end of all value?

With that in the backdrop, just check out what the New York State had been up with. They are trying to promote tap water- bottled water's cost is much more than the price that you pay at the store to get it. There are other environmental costs- not to mention the plastic waste that it generates after use.

Seems like atlast we are waking up to the reality of environmental screwup that is being termed as Life Style and Development!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

well krish!! atleast in north india, people do not go that much for bottled water. We drink tap water at home, I dont know when I came down south and now in Mumbai, people just run away from tap water, but the fact is in Mumbai atleast, each apartment has its own source of water which I think will be better than what we get at home in Delhi, but still mumbai junta just does not go for tap water!!! do not know why!! i think its more of a lifestyle issue, like after a certain point, we all start going for branded clothes just becoz we can afford them!

7/27/2007 7:00 AM  

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