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Friday, June 01, 2007


There were days when I used to steal my way away to my neighbors place late at night. Those were the days, when late night meant 8:00 PM and very late in the night meant 9:30 PM. Those were the days, when a black and white portable TV(mostly Solidaire) was the sole reason for fame. Thoe were the days when we called it Matinee the same thing that we call Noon Show. Those were the days when I was so young that I needed my mom to be at my side and my legs over her to sleep. Those were the days of Street Hawk.

I still remember vividly those nights when I have to steal my way away from my mom- we didn't have a TV then- probably this was in late 1980's- sometime around 1986 or 1987- that was the time when my mom wouldn't let me stay awake for watching Street Hawk- but at such an impressionable age, "The Man, The Machine, The Street Hawk" is such an enthralling proposition, that I didn't mind to many a times defy my mom and stay awake till that time to watch it. There were times when my neighbor would go to sleep, when I would wake him up for the show. Those were the days when watching TV was a thrill- the stories of Jungle Book, The He-Man and the Masters of the Universe- those days.

As I was feeling so nostalgic about those days, all I had was YouTube to keep me company. So, there you go!

I simply love the introduction and the "The Man, The Machine, The Street Hawk" tag line. Even the funny 300 MPH sounds good now- the green cube of focus that the Man will have in the Machine...when I see it now too, I am so excited about it. I watched it completely, called up a couple of my friends, made them watch it too- its just a great feeling to watch that, the "Ek-Chidiya- Anek- Chidiyaan" bit.

Those were the days, my friend
we thought they'd never end!- But end did they!

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Blogger wild rose said...

hey krish, today by accident i went to http://netrikan.blogspot.com/ instead of "kkan". check it out, if u havent already. :)
yes those were golden days of jungle book, street hawk and fauji now i donno if there is anything worthwhle watching at all.

6/06/2007 7:46 PM  
Blogger Krish said...

@wild rose: Yeah..I have seen that blog..pretty interesting one..aint it???[:D]..Now, there are Friends and Simpsons..but dont know if kids can watch those![;)]..n dont forget sex and city![;)]

6/08/2007 6:33 PM  

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