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Saturday, May 19, 2007


First, before I go on further, I want to make clear the history-geography of the last post!

I used to write poems- well, that was once upon a time- mostly in English- some in Tamil too. But many of my poems were written when I was in despair or generally in a sad mood. Though I hold my opinion that Sadness/Pain isn't that what brings the best, my intensity of that belief isn't the same as before, when I see my own creations!! I am starting to believe that pain brings in the better expression of the feel and so, the creations tend to look better-anyways- that is apart from the history of my latest post. Suddenly yesterday, I remembered that I hadn't posted a poem in a long time. So, sat down to write. But I couldn't write anything...Didn't want to waste the momentum that had built in me to post! So, ended up with the poem that we all grew up with!

Well, there isn't much geography to it other than that it came from Wikipedia!

This is to assuage concerns about my lost sanity! :P

Coming to the current post, I am sort of in a trance this weekend. Work has kept me busy- though I did sneak in the time required for my daily reads and news stories. Had planned for a trip to Niagara the coming long weekend. Gone to Canadian embassy for the Visa issues. I wonder how can they make people stand in the street in New York. I detested standing in the street for my US Visa. I thought people here would be more sane- seems like I am vastly mistaken.

We were standing in the 6th Avenue, 49th street, NYC, for somewhere around 1/2 hour in the chilling cold weather, with no one even having an understanding of what is happening. After 1/2 hour the embassy staff comes over and leads us inside the consulate. His demeanor leaves much to be desired. I understand that there is a huge rush for Canadian visa and the staff are overworked. But this is hardly the impression one would want their country to have when someone comes to it. The staff were acting as if we were some illiterate nuisance to tackle. I don't mind standing in the queue- but what irks me is the fact that, we were made to stand there inspite of the weather and inspite of vacant place available inside the building for a queue. Anyways, got the visa and looking forward for the trip. Let me see how it turns out!

In other stories, NYT runs a story on the raising Indian Second Tier Cities. Impressive. But how much of this would become reality is GOK!

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Blogger Chakra said...

All the embassies around the world are same I guess.. at this side of the atlantic too, ppl wanting visas had to stand in the streets - rain or shine.

5/21/2007 3:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

krish - this is so much true even i guess...pain takes out the best in us, most of the actors have given brilliant performances when they have no money and this is the last movie!! amitabh for example after 5 years of flops came up with sholay..Even in other spheres of life, when u r pushed to an extent you r no longer the same medicore person - karan

5/28/2007 11:34 AM  

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