Straight Angle™: Weekend -The End!
Monday, August 01, 2005

Weekend -The End! 

What a wonderful week-end it turned out to be....When DD first supposed that I come to Banglaore for this weekend, I thought she was just making fun...then when I thought over it again, it occured to me as a great idea...I immediately agreed and I booked my tickets too immediately...Ofcourse, I had to miss my driving classes on those two days, but who cares.....meeting up with long last friends is much more worthier than sitting next to a guy who kills both Malayalam and Hindi to the worst possible nightmare for me, early in the morning, trying to teach me how to steer a car. Well, I would dedicate an entire post to him once I get my Licence in hand...Iam sure he doesn't know this blog, but just to be on the safer side :)

So, there I go, to Bangalore, on Saturday morning....I had already called up Venky and told him that I would be coming to Bangalore on Saturday...So, he came to pick me up...drove to his home..had an amazing breakfast...I still don't know how many dosas we both gullped down..neither of us cared....We spoke..spoke...spoke...Infact, we keep speaking in the phone every day.....but still, a face-face beats them all by miles.

Then we went over to Sridhar's room...poor chap..he had lost his mobile and had been incommunicado for the past three days or so...but he had got a duplicate SIM and had somehow managed to scrap through a cell-phone too...called up Boopathi, Prabhu etal...started with the bhakkar session again...skipped Lunch...too lazy to even venture out in search of food....and too uninterested to break the flow of bhakkar....went on and on...till around 5:00, when I remembered that I need to buy something for my parents(their 25th wedding anniversary is nearing...)..Went to Forum..had also asked some of my friends to come up there...bought some shirts-trousers, books....The memoirs of a Geisha(Arthur Golden), Siddartha(Herman Hesse), The Hungry Tide, (Amita Ghosh)...I had already read some nice reviews of the books...the only book that I was a bit circumspect was Siddhartha...but then the price(Rs.150/-) made me swallow my apprehensions and go for it. Let me see how these books turn out. I am in the final few pages of The Fountainhead..would finish it this week..

Sunday was even more fun....went to DD's house....one of our other school mate too had come there...started with the bhakkar session yet again....But this time, it was more to do with our school mates and what they were doing now...though we had no idea on most of them, the few of them on whom we did have an idea, were the only topic of discussion....inbetween all these, we cooked our lunch too...[the "WE" there is my consolation for the two poor souls that were eagerly looking at all the vessels that I used while cooking...they actually did help me...by doing nothing...else it would have been even more difficult :(]...

I felt so happy and excited after so many days....a real booster...to meet up with almost the entire College gang and the schoolmates...ofcourse the one gang that I missed there was the TAPMI gang...ofcourse those guys are coming down to bangalore today....How Sad!!


Blogger deep down under said...

:) i'm so happy that your weekend turned out so well. felt pretty bad that I couldnt meet you but I am glad that your hands were full and you had fun every single moment of your weekend :D

8/01/2005 6:25 AM  
Blogger DD said...

oh yes... great consolation for the poor souls who had to eat your saltless sambhar! How generous of you to put that "we" there just for our simple suggestions like "Sambhar should have tamarind juice and dal". You are great!

"looking at all the vessels that you used while cooking?"... I bet you were refering to the the vessels that you had turned pitch black after overcooking stuff!

"and we did help you by doing nothing" Absolute truth... we pardoned you for whatever you did to my kitchen. Otherwise, it would have been even more difficult (for you). Afterall people learn by mistakes, right Krish? :-)

Good to know you had such a wonderful time here after a long journey!

8/01/2005 7:58 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

"Saltless Sambhar"- Now...now...now...I am not used to cook for high BP patients...what am I to do?...BTW, it was you two gals, who told that u wud add salt if u find it lacking...

"Over-cooking"- Well, that wouldn't have happened had you let me to cook the way I want...that was the first time, I cooked Sambhar in a rice cooker!!(of all things...a pressure cooker...)naturally, I was like...what would you cook the rice in?..and in the confusion, I let the ladies-fingers(I mean the vegetable...) go a bit over-cooked....and I corrected that too...you never got a tinge of over-cooked odor in the sambhar...did you?

People learn by mistakes....You learned from my mistakes...right?

I had a really good time yesterday...That part is the only truth in your entire comment!

8/01/2005 8:19 AM  
Blogger DD said...

Okie, so now comes the truth out of the horse's mouth... though in bits and pieces...

The bottomline is - Krish's Sambhar was saltless; He burned (which is referred to here as bit-overcooked) one of my vessels! Idhula "aada theriyaadavanukku koodam paththalai" maadhiri oru excuse vera! (Just couldnt stop myself from mentioning that pazhamozhi here!! haha)

People learn by mistakes... Now I realize I shouldnot have mentioned the learning part for you... I'm so sorry! For a supposedly expert cook to landup so miserably could mean what else?

Now dont fight like a kid over what you screwed up yesterday. It's perfectly alright. I can forgive you... You see, forgiving is Divine!

8/01/2005 9:18 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

Truce declared!...*Waving white flag*..tooo much of my age old, treasured secrets are being washed in public....

8/01/2005 9:36 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@Deep Down Under:It was a wonderful weekend...U wud have guessed it by the above comments though..I hope ur weekend too was great!

8/01/2005 9:38 AM  

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