Straight Angle™: Or so you Thought??
Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Or so you Thought?? 

So you thought only boards that read " Indians and Dogs are not allowed" was Racism??...Or was it that you are called a black, kicked and hounded by dogs Racism....There is now another variety- that I call Subtle Racism.

Look at the two pictures....These are pictures after Katrina- I mean the Hurricane that struck the American coast yesterday. The two are in Yahoo! Photos- Here and Here. The First photo is accompanied with a write up that says- well, you read it for yourselves.

[Link from Boing-Boing]

p.s: I understand that these two pictures are from different photographers and captioned by different people. But, it did leave a bad taste in my mouth to see these captions appear...May be then, I need to point the finger at the content providers...For there to be racism in this, it had to come from a single source..with that not being the case, there might not be a case of racism. But, then, words are seldom spoken without purpose...are they?


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