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Friday, August 12, 2005


As I sit with just loneliness as company, feeling the numbness, tasting nothing, smelling the air, hearing the sudden silence of the power cut, and starring at the darkness that came along free with the package, I think of the words that deserted me to find solace in the distant croaking of a frog and the chirping of the bird.

The world seems to be full of noise, though I hear only the silence. The moment of inactivity amidst the crashing speed of words spewed onto the monitor from the key board, when the pointer blinking on the screen, seem to have been etched in white marble to serve as the remainder of this moment for generations to come, seems alien!

I feel a void spreading its tentacles inside me choking every blood vessel and letting me hear my heart beat. I sit there in the cubicle, fully aware of the moment, when every cell in my brain would just shut down, yet unaware, for how long I was aware of that awareness.Nature, seems to be cruel. It gives the pain, the mind to deny it and the heart to deny the denial.

The next moment, when the cursor blinks back to life, a sudden wave of activity springs up from nowhere. It pervades all other thoughts, like salt dissolved in water and pushes out the inactivity as water pushes out oil, as a gushing rivulet would force the dead leaves aside. I savour the moment of activity.

I shut down the system and swipe out of office.


Blogger Übermaniam said...

looks like the geek has given way to the writer/artist. as far as i can see, this is a different krish. way to go. maybe u have a book in you. come to think, we all have a book in us. we just have to find someone to publish it. after we get around to writing it. nice start. cheers, doppps.

8/12/2005 1:59 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@Doppps: Thanx for dropping by...Geek given way to writer/artist....well, I dont know as yet...n yeah..I think I had found Blogger to publish them ;)

8/12/2005 2:55 AM  
Blogger DD said...

Beautiful description Krish... hmm... I'm thinking of using it sometime ;-)

8/15/2005 7:58 AM  
Blogger Cogito said...

Where was this writer hiding inside the geek for so long ? Good write-up..

8/15/2005 10:41 PM  
Blogger Krish said...

@DD:Thanx for the visit and the comment!...Hope to see you more around here!U r free to use it!..go ahead!.

@Cogito: :-)...I am still wondering where had the writer been hiding!...Yet to find it!...would make a post when I find the place!..:-)

8/16/2005 12:15 AM  

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