Straight Angle™: Vivek leaves Wipro???
Thursday, June 30, 2005

Vivek leaves Wipro??? 

I am posting verbatim what I received as a forward...though I normally resist posting forwards, this seems to be true....but I am not taking any responsibility for the verasity of the information...It might not be true!!..I tried contacting a few of my friends in Wipro, but I am yet to receive any reply from them...Will update as soon as I get one....This is true....Vivek had indeed quit WIPRO!!!
Dear Wiproite,

After six successful years of association with Wipro, Vivek Paul has chosen to pursue opportunities outside Wipro. Vivek’s contribution to the success of Global IT business has been significant and is reflected in Wipro’s Leadership position today. By strengthening processes, customer interface, service capabilities and brand he has built a platform for Wipro’s next phase in growth.

Wipro’s IT businesses are getting reorganized consequent to Vivek’s resignation.

The Heads of Businesses of Enterprise Solutions (Sudip Banerjee), Finance Solutions (Girish Paranjpe) & Wipro BPO (T K Kurien) will now report directly into me.

Dr. A L Rao is assuming the role of Chief Operating Officer, Wipro Limited reporting into me. The following will be part of Dr. Rao’s organization:

Telecom Service Provider Solution Business
CTO organization for IT Business headed by M Divakaran
CIO Organization (IM/Admin/Facilities) for Wipro Limited headed by Laxman Badiga
Japan Geo headed by Masaki Nagao

Tamal Dasgupta is appointed as Head of Energy & Utilities Vertical reporting into Sudip Banerjee. Tim Matlack and Sanjay Joshi will continue to lead Wipro Consulting reporting into Sudip Banerjee. In addition, Tim will also be a key Integration member for all acquisitions in the Enterprise space.

We thank both Tamal and Laxman Badiga for their contributions in their previous roles of CIO and Head of Talent Transformation and wish them the very best in their new assignments.

We are merging the Telecom and E&PE business into one Product Engineering Services business. Ramesh Emani will head this combined business as President – Product Engineering Services reporting into Dr. Rao. We are confident that with this merger, Wipro’s position of leadership as the leading provider of services to Technology clients globally will get further strengthened.

Suresh Vaswani will continue to lead Wipro Infotech business in addition to Technology Infrastructure Services and Testing Services and will continue to report to me. Suresh Vaswani will also be responsible for Wipro Biomed and HCIT business.

The Geo Heads of North Americas (Richard Garnick) and Europe (P R Chandrasekar) will now report into me directly. Rich will also be a member of the Corporate Executive Council. The EAS practice headed by Sangita Singh will continue to report into Rich.

S Deb will move into his new role as Chief Quality Officer and Head – Operations Excellence for Wipro Limited reporting into me. We thank Anurag Behar for his contributions to the Quality function for Wipro Limited, which continues to be a key differentiator for Wipro.

The Executive Vice Presidents – Human Resources (Pratik Kumar) and Finance (Suresh Senapaty) will continue to report into me. They will separately announce the revised structure of their respective Functional teams. The new structures will be a reflection of the alignment of the functional structures at a Wipro Limited level. In the new structure, Balki, Vice President and CFO and Bijay Sahoo, Vice President & Head, TED for Wipro Technologies will assume enhanced responsibilities at Wipro limited level and will report directly into Senapaty and Pratik respectively.

Sudip Nandy in his role as Chief Strategy Officer will report into me and as Head of Merger & Acquisitions will report into Suresh Senapaty.

Jessie Paul, Chief Marketing Officer, will report into Girish Paranjpe

Leadership of other businesses remains unchanged. Vineet Agrawal will continue to lead Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting business. Anurag Behar will lead Wipro Fluid Power business, in addition to providing leadership to Brand, Corporate Communication and Community Initiatives. Both Vineet and Anurag will report to me.

The above changes reflect Wipro’s deep Leadership talent and depth and our belief in our Leadership’s ability to take enhanced responsibilities. I expect the Leadership team to chart the next course of Wipro’s growth through:

Enhanced investment in People and Processes
Higher teaming, excitement and engagement with the team
Enhancing Customer value by domain, business insights and proprietary frameworks
Setting the pace for industry growth.

Wipro’s deep Leadership strength has been a key strength of our organization and will continue to be a strategic differentiator for future as well. With an intent to provide enhanced impetus to Leadership Development, we are setting up the Leadership Development Council under my Chairmanship which will have Ranjan Acharya as its Convener. Similarly we are constituting a Strategy Council with a mandate to identify new areas of growth and investment; this Council will be chaired by me and will have Girish Paranjpe and Sudip Nandy as its Conveners.

We thank Vivek for his contributions and for setting up this strong platform, and wish him all the very best for the future. I am sure the new Leadership will take off from this platform and lead Wipro through the next phase of growth. Over the next few months, Vivek will work with the new Leadership Team to ensure smooth transition.

Azim Premji


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