Straight Angle™: The D-Day
Saturday, March 26, 2005

The D-Day 

Well, as they say, all that started should be finished. This is that finish. It all started two years back, and it has ended today...My parents have also come and the pictures with my parents and other friends would be in the flickr tomorrow...It's so tired today, that I don't feel like posting anything. The first snap is while getting dressed up for the occassion and the second one is the occassion itself.

Just before Convocation Posted by Hello

The occassion itself. The chief guest is Mr. Vikram Singh Mehta, Chairman, Shell India Group. The one at the right end of the snap is our Director, Mr.Nagabrahmam.

Finally, I am a Manager...atlast....It feels good, afterall to finish off in style as 34th in the batch...This might still not be the last post for me from TAPMI. I am leaving only tomorrow ..that too the train is at 9:00 PM...so till then will have loads of time to kill and ofcourse blog..

Receiving the DegreePosted by Hello

This is the HR Group of TAPMI. We were 10 in all and we had one ball of time here in TAPMI..The men from left are Rajashri(Sterlite), Renjith(Sterlite), Madhur(Radio Mirchi), Ramakrishna(Sterlite), Karthik(TCS), Navnit(HCL Commnet) and Me. The Damsels in the front are, Swagatha(Microland), Rima(Progeon) and Dipti(E-Serve) (Left-Right).

HR Group Posted by Hello


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