Straight Angle™: The Alchemist!!!!
Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Alchemist!!!! 

It is not that often that a book speaks to you in your language....I had had this feeling of speaking with the book- when I read Charles Handy- his "Age of Paradox"...I was able to connect to him and was overwhelmed by his writing at the beginning....as slowly I realised his theme, he became more natural to me....I was no longer overwhelmed by him..rather I got accustomed to Handy....I began loving his books and I began reading them even slower- to understand each word, alphabet of the book and to imagine how he would have felt, when he wrote those words...and thinking how am I feeling when I read that words....
One such another book that gave me that feeling was "The Alchemist"...by Paulo Coelho....this is one wonderfull book....though the book is realtively thin with just 178 pages, it had taken me two days to complete the book. There were moments when I would just throw the book down and drift away in thoughts, when I realise something...
Some sentences in the book are simply immortal truths...Like..."When we are with someone for long, they become part of our lives...we do things to for them and when we are not like what other want us to be, others become angry with us." and "Everyone knows how others have to lead their lives...but none seems to know, how they had to lead their life".
The important part in such a book is more of experiencing the book than reading it...I had finished the book once...in the sense that I had read through the first to last page once..but I would read it again...not to understand, but to live....Live with that book...
The meaning of the book might be beyond my complete comprehension....I might never understand certain sentences, paragraphs and pages in the book...I will seek my destiny.....I know there is something in store for me in life...I would get it...for sure...Its just that I need to follow my heart.....


Blogger satosphere said...

First read books that you can understand :P

3/13/2005 2:51 PM  
Blogger Krish said...

Only after reading the book, I realise that Iam unable to understand it...waste of time in reading..ain't it???..*sigh*

3/13/2005 10:26 PM  

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