Straight Angle™: Chocolates!!!
Tuesday, March 08, 2005


An assignment on Chocolates and confectionery industry is the last thing that I would like to do in my MBA.....With just 9 days more to go for the D-Day, here Iam googling for Chocolate and confectionary status in India....As always, google is of immense help...actually MBA itself is Googled Intelligence only...I love Google....The assignment itself is a pretty old one..because we had proscratinated this long, we had already got an extention of dead line(for our group alone)..Kiran had got it...She too is Googling for Information, as the topic itself was her choice..."ITC Strategy on getting ino the confectionary market in India"...We need to analyse the strategy of ITC iin doing this and propose any further changes necessary...Gawd...this is one hell of an assignment...If Iam to propose a change in strategy for ITC, I may very well propose to them(atleast I will get paid for it)...Here I dont get paid, worse of all, I am workinig for grades(which I hate the most)...
Atlast, finished the "Selfish Gene"....whoa!! what a reading it had been...completely enchanting...but to be fair, a bit boring towards the end...may be repetition of ideas...but it was boring in the end...too much of probablities to calculate at the end...u end up calculating the probability of you understanding what the author wants to convey.
Now, a bit free....applied for Passport...Yeah..I know what you think...thats true..I hadn't got my passport yet..I hadn't applied only...but with the offer letter Infy had made it particualr to give guidelines to get a passport( and it is in the list of necessary documents to be submitted at the time of joining the company)...if that is this necessary, I will jolly well get it...it's such an elaborate process...with one original and two duplicate copies...and one duplicate for every year you had lived out of your permanent address...Gosh....I am tried filling the forms only...Now there would be a Police verification....and then I only pray that I get the Passport soon.
But right now, Iam left with my chocolate assignment to munch and finish....Ennae yaaravathu kaapaathungalane....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talking of chocolates - check this out

3/08/2005 6:23 PM  
Blogger Krish said...

Thanx for the link...you sure made me more salivating...BTW, a small column at the right hand corner with the prize is what really scares me...

3/08/2005 8:00 PM  

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