Straight Angle™: Hilarious forward!!!
Friday, March 11, 2005

Hilarious forward!!! 


- that an MBA degree with distinction wud be considered a joke.
- that it didn't matter how late I scheduled my first class I'd sleep right through it.
- that I would change so much and barely realize it.
- that Business school students throw chalks, too.
- that if you wear polyester everyone will ask you why you're so dressed up.
- that every clock on campus shows a different time.
- that if you were smart in college - so what?
- that I would go to a party the night before a final.
- that you can know everything and fail a test.
- that you can know nothing and ace a test.
- that Google was much more than sufficient to complete any damn assignment.
- that I could get used to almost anything I found out about my neighbor.
- that home is a great place to visit.
- that most of my education would be obtained outside my classes.
- that friendship is more than getting drunk together.
- that free food served at 10:00 is gone by 9:50.
- that Sunday is a figment of the world's imagination.
- that it is a really good idea to go places alone.
- that it's possible to be alone even when you're surrounded by friends.
- that friends are what makes this place worthwhile!
- don't be dismayed at goodbyes.
- a farewell is necessary before we can meet again, and meeting again, after moments or a lifetime, is certain for those who are friends.

This again is a forward that I got today..thought it makes a good read...Jeez...I need to stop posting forwards...I seriously don't like posting forwards..somehow I feel guilty that it is not mine and I don't know the author even, to whom I can attribute that to...(Just out of Intellectual Property rights class)...so Iam supposed to be so atleast for the next couplla hours...

And I would add somemore..

- that Internet is addicting if it is free.
- that you can forget you have an exam just 10 miuntes before it.
- that it really doesn't matter that you didn't read the case, yet give a solution.
- that management is more of actionable words than of action itself.
- that given any situation there are innumerable solutions- only that your client didn't specify which one he wanted.
- that customer comes first in the book and last in practice.
- that the book you are reading today had become obsolete last minute.
- that class participation is more of "Saviour" many times.
- that you remember your dead lines, only after they are already dead.
- that there are people who sleep, who read and people who read while sleeping.
- that you go to bed, when the entire city wakes up and you wake up when the entire city takes bath.
- that you expect your mail box to be a messanger, and your messanger to be a phone, and a phone call to be a video conference.
- that you would mail your friends on a saturday and wonder why they haven't replied untill monday.
- that you can never differentiate between breakfast, lunch and brunch.
- that you should never order anything novel( or different from what the majority orders), when you go out for a dinner along with your friends.
- that you can give solutions to any company's problem, by just thumbing through a bunch of papers.
- that your first concern in the morning is whether you have got any mails that day.
- that you tell your parents to mail rather than to call, coz your are always online.
- that you can keep writing "on and on" on nothing....
- that there are people who read these things, coz they have got nothing better to do.
- that you are not alone in this world to do such things.


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