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Monday, March 14, 2005

Foot Prints 

Originally uploaded by sskrish.
Foot prints on the sand.....These would be the memories from TAPMI..there are many....some very pleasant, some not so pleasant, some neutral, some outright disgusting...but on the whole, the two years in TAPMI has given me some valuable stuff to take home..(apart from the disproportionaltely large books that I need to pack)....Yesterday was the farewell party by the Junies....I normally don't dance...yesterday was no different...Had taken the camera for one last group snap...But then as fate would have it, the batteries had gone down(even the spares)..Think there is some problem with the plug point...Coz Raj says that he had put the batteries in charge for close to 7 hours...so, had to be content with very few snaps....I even tried to change the batteries....but the cost of it was simply out of consideration...It is costly. Man, I never thought a couple of batteries would cost Rs.90/-...That was the last thing I would do....also, running outta cash..this being the fag end, I pretty much don't have food in the mess...mostly run out to Udupi for a Woodland or Diana or Kidiyoor..places abound...
Coming back to the memories, its just 2 working days left, when it would be officially the end of 6th and the last term of our PGDBM course...I still remember the day I came here to Manipal for my Interview. It was raining all dogs and it was late midnight....I took the auto the Men's Hostel...I don't know Kannada and my Hindi knowledge was(well thats an Oxymoron)..there wasn't any....The auto driver asked for "Theara"..I gave him a twenty rupee note...Got a change of 8 rupees......was wondering for a long time, what was the exact fare(I was a bit okay with numbers though)...Gave an amazing interview that day, that I lost all hopes of doing MBA that year....Returned back to Calicut the same day for the office the next day....
When I got the offer letter from TAPMI, I wasn't too sure of joining, but as things turned out, well you know, I joined...Met some wonderfull friends....Avis, Rajkumar, Venky, Souveer, Nitin, Chox, Kiran...the list goes on...they made my two years here...got some fights, some laughters, some pleasure, some enlightenments, some debt(how can I miss it), some losses...ahhh...eventfull two years...got some responsibilities, delivered on some, screwed up in some...yet they are all part of the learning curve...
When the time for the Summers came, applied for two companies that came to the Institute first...Pidilite and Kotak Mahindra Bank...Pidilite shortlisted me for the Interview...gave a telephonic interview and botched up the interview..still remember the expression of surprise(or what should I say, disappointment), when the Interviewer asked whether I know a particular brand of their company and I plainly told "No" and that too after he told, that it is one of the most popular brand of theirs....I know I wouldn't be in...Kotak came, asked some really simple questions(after a real tough GD) and I was in..That was the second interview I gave and I got the offer....Though there were many other companies later that came to the campus, Kotak's Mumbai offer was simply great....Went to Mumbai for the second time in 24 years.....from then on the entire story is in archives here...
At the end of it all, when I gave my Interviews for Infy and when I know for sure that I would be in, and when I got the offer letter...ummmm...it's pleasant to reminisce all those moments...might be the last portal of education that I might attend...I would miss all these places...just like the footprints on sand, I too would be moving into some wilderness of humans, to join the great game of Life...for the second time...but not yet..this sure isn't my last post from TAPMI...I have 10 days and 23 hours to go for Convocation....But till then there are memories for company..


Blogger saranyan said...

Krish, I'm having a weird problem. Until now, I wasn't able to view all your posts in the month of march. and now I find a slew of posts. I dunno whats going on man.

I loved Alchemist. I blogged about it once.

3/15/2005 1:06 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

I don't know what is the problem...infact i have been able to see all my posts and there had been comments on the posts too...I dont know what the problem might be..jus a doubt...would be it anything to do with the history and cache of ur system??...I am not too sure of it, but if u r using Mozilla, I have seen this problem, that the page is fetched from the history rather than from the source...coz, immedialtey after i post something, if I use mozilla, I have seen that theold page is fecthed rather than the updated page...once I clear the history, things get clear...this is jus a doubt..

3/15/2005 4:12 AM  

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