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Thursday, March 10, 2005


"Ek lamhe me unhone zindagi savar di,
Ek lamhe me unhone zindagi ujad di,
Kusur unka nahi hamara tha,
Jo un do lamho me hamne zindagi guzardi...."
This is the forward that I got jus now from one of my friends. For all those poor souls who couldn't understand the Deshabasha, here I go with the translation in Vishwabasha....

"In one moment, she gave me life,
In one moment she took my life away,
Fault is not her's but mine,
To have lived my Life in those two moments"

I had tried to translate it to my knowledge of Hindi...ofcourse with external help only...Some more couplets from the same..

"In aanko mein aansoo aaye na hote,
agar tum piche mud kar muskuraye na hote,
tumahre jaane ke baad yeh gum hota hai,
kaash tum zindgi mein aaye na hote!!"

This would translate into,

"Tears wouldn't be in this eyes,
If you had not turned back and smiled,
There is sorrow after you had left,
It would have been better had you not come in my Life"

The forward went on for a page, but I liked these two couplets very much.....full of meaning and sense....


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