Straight Angle™: Philosophical and Practical Incongruence
Thursday, January 13, 2005

Philosophical and Practical Incongruence 

With Life at TAPMI coming to close by March 26th, the campus is busy, getting ready for the close, in its own way....We have a annual magazine called Interface, that remains as a souvenir for the seniors...here Seniors write about their batchmates and the Juniors too write about their close seniors......So, to write about my friends, I was searching for a suitable quote.....It is then I came across the quote, "If you love something, set it free-- if it comes back it is yours else it never was".....somehow I couldnt but wonder on the incongruity between the quote and the practicality of it.....Say of example, take "Life"- the one thing in world, you love the most.....can you afford to let it free and hope it returns back????....Will it happen that way??.....When you let free of something, will you be in a position to appreciate it even when it comes back....and there is this immortal question--If you let go of something, did you Love it at all in the first place??....The basic human nature is to get what he/she loves for(not only Human, but every living being in this Universe).....Philosophically this quote might sound great, proving to yourself that the thing you loved was there for you....but thinking in the other way, Were you there for that thing you Loved, When it needed you the most???....Somehow I couldnt understand the quote...atleast appreciate its practicality....then I came across another quote.....Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence....This quote to me makes immense sense and meaning....may be this is more optimistic and makes us to approach a problem on all possible angels....may be this quote would define many relationships and many other phenomenon(including God).......Finally I settled down for this quote......(I think that quote would perfectly define our Gang.....Absence of Evidence in terms of Grades is not the Evidence of Absence of Brians....) Interface would be ready only by March( I specualte..)..but then I will scan it and upload it in the site....already I have uploaded most of our photos in the site...and also some Flickr pages too are there....remaining photots(yet to be shot) would include the Placement Parties, Farewell Photos and other group photos, Gang Photos etc.. etc....I will load them up too..


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