Straight Angle™: Why is it this way??
Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Why is it this way?? 

Of late I think a lot about the reasons why we like or dislike someone. Why should I like someone so much, that even after many not-so-subtle hints that this'nt going anywhere, I still harbour hopes. I am sure, had it been somebody else, I would have snapped links long back...But with you, Iam unable to do that...Have I become so insensitive and thickskinned with you alone..I was not like this before... Am I so afraid of losing you...but then I never had you to loose... then why the hell am I so distrubed???... If I sound desperate, which I think I am,then what else can I do???....Why should people mail back telling they are not interested and then wishing everything.... sarcasm???but then I was serious....couldnt you understand... I have waited for three years and I wouldnt mind waiting further, if only I can know what you think..
I think I have been reading too much between lines to imagine things...I think Iam like the cat that closed its eyes and thought the entire world had darkened...I know I am one such, but then it feels so nice to close the eyes and imagine things...I am afraid if I open my eyes, I would have to see those things that would be too difficult for me to handle....I hadnt been afraid to face the truth before...I hadnt been a coward before...You had made me a coward,who fears to face reality...Long Live you...May God Bless you...


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