Straight Angle™: Is this the right way to go???
Thursday, January 13, 2005

Is this the right way to go??? 

It is amusing to me how the Magazines and Newspapers in Tamilnadu reacted to the news of arrest and the news about the bail order....clearly it(ofcourse the release in bail) has'nt gone well with the press....I think there are still some lurching questions to be answered by the Police..Why did they wait till the Supreme court granted bail to Jayendrar, when they claim to have clinching evidence against Vijayendrar???....Why had they arrested him even as he was performing his pujas, that are mandatory to be done....had this been done with a Moulvi for example will the same press be quite???....Will the Police take out other religious heads when they are praying???....What is the role of the Government in this episode???....Everyone knows how a Police department is handled in this country and it doesnt need any further clarifications....Besides all their claims of Justice, it still remains at the best murky....
At last(hopefully so) they have frozen the bank accounts of the Mutt....Not even proven Criminals are treated like this...This haste of the Tamilnadu Police makes all their claims of Fairness and equality before law hollow....a 2500 year old tradition has been broken, when the Daily pooja was not performed by the Acharyas....
Is this Government targeting the Perceived Offenders or the Institution???Why were the 183 bank accounts frozen....that too without citing any reaons.....doesnt this Government know that Kanchi Mutt is more than Acharyas...it manages hospitals, trusts, schools and many other aid agencies....Had the government thought over these things when it made the decision to freeze the account??...


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