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Sunday, January 23, 2005


That's what I had been doing for the past two days....with no classes scheduled, MIP Report submitted, placements over....what the heck is left to do....except sit in front of the computer and stare at the screen endlessly....that too would get boring after sometime....movies....yeah got to see three of them today....after breakfast one, after lunch one and after dinner one....Jaysuriya, Van-Helsing, Aai in that order....yeah I can hear you.....its true..I have become so jobless that I tend to see Jaysuriya, Aai and all...but Aai is for Nimitha( or is it Namitha....so much for my taste and Memory)....she looked good in the Pictures that did the rounds in the emails, but in the film she doesn't quite match the hype she created through emails...I think this strategy would work well for the heroines of films that are aimed at the city crowd....actually, all those pics were of her modeling era, when she had given some decent photos....thus, give some really nice photos of yours in the email forward list and then release a film..I cannot guarantee success, but there sure would be some hype that might end up in better ticket sales....
That apart, Venky had gone to Chennai...he got permission to go home...even I would have gone...but I hadn't yet got the MIP completion certificate from my guide....I submitted it on Saturday and before I could get his signature, he had left....and all those who hadn't taken MarkStrat would go home, had they had submitted the report and got the completion certificate. I hadn't taken MarkStrat, but I hadn't got the completion certificate...so I cannot leave till Monday...then there would be no point in going to Chennai...ofcourse, I would have loved to go to Chennai....especially to IIT Madras....atleast for Saarang....but now I am not going there...but I have other plans...I would go to Guruvaayoor....it had long been my wish to go there...so I would most probably be leaving tomorrow...after getting the permission...would go to Calicut also, and meet my Ex-colleagues there....would like to meet them...it had really been very long since I met them...I had been in touch with them through mails and phone...but then nothing comes close to a face to face contact.....
Jaysuriya was a mere waste of money...what a screwed up cast and crew.....Arjun would do well to come out of Collector, Police Assistant Commissioner roles...he had done enough of them that the Police department should have thought of instituting a life long service award...last heard, they are seriosuly considering him for that award....or they are considering that award for him...?????? Laila...sorry no comments...I shouldn't waste time in commenting on dolls and Manquines...infact the manquine would have done some good to its character...she is jus an added comparative advantage....nothing more...
Aai...let me better stop it here....yeah..I have no work..but that doesn't mean I should watch all these movies...
But a movie worth speaking is "Kaadhal"....may be because it says, its a original story in the opening, the film is more thrilling and effective...the Chittappa character is amazing...the characterization is a rarity in such a profession of Brandy shop owners, goondas etc..(atleast that's what all the Directors till now had wanted us to believe)...he thinks through the brain and is calm, composed and tackles the issue perfectly...the small kid in the workshop too is good...he had done well..the Madurai tamil is perfect and the father character has been carefully chosen...the story is a strong one, with expected turns at unexpected time...
The story is simple....two teenagers fall in love and decide to gallop...the girl is the daughter of a Brandy Shop owner and is rich..the guy is a mechanic, and ofcourse Poor..they come to Chennai and get married...by this time, the girl's parents start searching for the girl and get to know that she is in Chennai...the girl's Chittappa comes to Chennai....speaks and takes the girl into confidence, and they(Hero and the heroine) comes to Madurai with him....but when they reach Madurai, the Chittappa turns Veerappa and the girl sacrifices her marriage for the Hero....she gets married to some other guy and gets a child too.....after some two years she happens to see the Hero in Dindigul as Mad guy roaming in the streets.....she comes to him, but he hardly recognizes her....her husband comes to her rescue, and the film ends saying that the husband is still treating the guy in some Psychiatric hospital...
All said and done, the one thing that I couldnt enjoy is Sleep.....


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