Straight Angle™: New Lease of Life (Contd)
Wednesday, December 22, 2004

New Lease of Life (Contd) 

....Failing in all attempts of finding her, he was still confident in his hopes...He would endlessly search google with the name..hoping she would be doing her higher studies in some place...but her name would invariably throw results that were anywhere close to whom he was searching for...Google too was betraying him...he used to search on all possible search engines he could lay his hands on....he would join all sorts of web sites that claimed to bring old college mates together and search for her name...but none would had anyone in that name...
He would drift into unexplained moments of silence, when there would be no life in him and he would be seen with his books...One fine day, he was introduced to one of the social networking websites. Being an obsessed man in his search, he searched in that too..... would she be here...search for the name...for the first two months he couldnt find any one with that name...then suddenly one day...Viola....the same name and the same Birthdate...is it her???Will that be the same again??? With expectations racing through heart, he mailed her enquiring about her college and the course...days pass by but no reply..two days later there was a mail in his mail box confirming his prayers and hopes...it was her and she is there...atlast he had found her...but as expected...she couldnt identify him...infact she has never known him..he had always been a stranger to her..but this time around, he would be different...atleast he hopes so...he mails her introducing himself....but then even..you need to know someone to recognise him...he expresses his crush and she doesnt say anything...after that no sign of Life on the other side...his mails go unanswered...he cant reach her by any other means....what would he do???


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