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Monday, August 23, 2004

Perpetual Enquirer!!! 

Recently I came across this verse or a verse meaning this-"There is nothing called Love that exist- its only Proof of Love". Looking at the beauty of language, I wonder how true it is. If there is nothing to prove Love, then will there be anything called Love...atleast I'm unable to envision one. This logic can be extended to almost everything- materialistic stuff to even god. Only the proof exists, and nothing else. How do you know that something exist- is it the "matter" itself or the proof of that?. Suppose, if you say that air exists , how were you able to say that- it is because that you were able to experience or know the proof of it- in the form of breeze or in the form of life breath- else will you be able to tell that air exists? Similarly, Love also need proof that it exists....Doesn't it?. The proof can take any form- may be explicit or heart felt but not exposed. Only then, there can be love....I have a pertinent question- What is Love? I have tried to analyze this question using my left brain. I have reached nowhere...The more I try answer this question, I'm afraid I might vulgarise the sanctity of Love. So I have come to a conclusion that comes very easy to all poets of our ages- Love is unfathomable and Love is Divine..Those who can remember my earlier thoughts on this same issue will appreciate how much my views have changed.....


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