Straight Angle™: My Ethics Presentation....
Tuesday, August 17, 2004

My Ethics Presentation.... 

Today we had a group presentation on Ethics. Went on well. Need a look?- Its here. The grading is not yet out. Submitted the Strategic Human Resource assigment- huge burden finished- has taken about 4 days to finish that-ofcourse not complete days- u know what I mean by a day- typically 2 hours a day discussing a case is a "Day". Also had a Presentation in International Business. Really pathetic presentation. Got a bad feedback. Overlooked many issues. Really last minute preparation. But that isnt the valid reason. Had to prepare for the next presentation on the Entry Strategy for the MRF Tyres into East African countries. Currently working on it. Hasnt called my nephew, who had joined here in Manipal. Tied up with this assignment. Need to call him atleast tomorrow. Really feeling bad for not meeting the promises.
On a Serious Note:
Going through the Selectiveamnesia's Blog. Sadened by the comments made for the post about independence. It is not the correct way to look at the Independence Day as just another holiday.
More about another day- now had to prepare the International Presentation.


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