Straight Angle™: Independence - ??? or !!!
Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Independence - ??? or !!! 

About the Independence Day- I think it had been understood in a very different construct. What is Independence Day?- Is it just another day to wail away time in the comfort of your house sofa and watch the special programs in stupid box?. It seems that it is so for many. I dont agree or I completely disagree. It's significance had been lost in the minds of relatively "born-free" youngsters- This is what I infer from some posts. The main plank of such thoughts is that This is a free country and I am free to do anything. I agree- you are completely free to do such things for which you are willing to take responsibility. If you are not willing to take responsibilty for your acts but you want freedom to do whatever you want- sorry this is not the way to do things.
When you refer to be free- who is there to decide what is free- is there any one yardstick to measure freedom- then what should prevent anyone from selling his country to enemy(perceived or otherwise) or killing someone and telling I am free. Freedom always comes with a rider- what is freedom- rather what is the degree of freedom?. Arent we spectators to this?. Is this what we mean "No Government control"?.Is this what we clamour for?. Though I agree with the belief that Politicians are behind most (if not all) ills of this country- isnt there a sense of escapism in ours that we blame a faceless "other"- Arent we powered to reject these same guys?. Arent we been given enough power?.Isnt it our mistake that we select them- Isnt it true that they are our Agents and we their Principle?. Then why arent we using the most important discretion that any lame principle has- change the Agent.
Why arent we taking the course of correction onto ourselves but expecting the entire world to change according to our taste.
There was a comment that "The system had never been worthy of our trust"- hou hilarious. What you have taken for granted is the benefit of the system - havent we read how Germany was under Hitler-Isnt our system making sure that doesnt happen-that can never happen- Had we ever thought of how paining it will be for a party in power to loose it but still it does that if defeated in polls- Isnt this the merit of the system?. Pakistan is a visible demonstration of this syndrome.
How many of us have really done something worthy to the system?. How many of us had not taken advantage of the system?How many of us had not spitted or puked or relived of ourselves in the public not even once?Is this called freedom?Dont you expect even this sort of control? If you are speaking of the Liberties in a higher sense- even then how many of us have used our senses to arrive at a conclusion?
Coming back- How many of us has really taken our election ids being issued within the due date?. Didnt we expected the date to be extended infinitely? We have to agree there can never be an"All- Satisfying" solution.
Vitness the sensational news item about the recent hanging of Dhananjay. Is this not the same media that villified him in whatever manner possible some time ago- isnt this the same media that portrays the sad part of the story now? Had these people not known that when a man is sentenced to death, his family will be left uncared?

Lets be clear- till that time when you are aware of not only your rights but also your duties- only then you can demand and you deserve freedom. Till then you have to put up with this.


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