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Monday, August 16, 2004

My Idiosyncrasies  

Two of my most hilarious Idiosyncrasies are,

  1. Running away from the Bulb after changing it and switching it for the first time.(Always afraid it would burst)
  2. Washing everything including Rupee note in the Pocket after having a Hair-cut.

I always run away from a new bulb(both Tube-light and Bulb) after I have changed it and switching it for the first time. I tried to reason it out but I couldnt help from it. The subsequent switch-ons doesnt bother me. But the first time I switch on the Bulb, I invariably show my back to the bulb or I stand in such a place, so that even if the bulb brusts, the pieces will not hit me. Obsessive compulsory fear of new bulbs.

Also, I always wash(atleast sprinkle enough water to make it wet) everything including rupee note and newspapers after I have given a Hair-cut in a salon. I wash my wallet, leather floaters etc., I dont know why but I feel uncomfortable if I dont wash them.

May be this is because I have got so used to such system in my house(orthodox Tam Bram) but still I havent changed even after staying out of home for past 8 years- right from my 11th standard. Still continues.. Is this that is called in tamil "Thottil Pazhakkam Sudukhadu Varaikkum"?


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