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Sunday, July 04, 2004

More on Drucker 

Was reading the book"Post-Capitalist Society" by Drucker. Iam really surpirsed how I have been taking alll those political things availbale for granted.The concept of nation state as we now know was first mooted by a french thnker Jean Bodin in his book Six Laviers de la Republique in 1576. To understand the purpose of the book we need to look at the condition of Europe at that time. Then Spain was in its peak and it was the only country to have a standing army and support a cavalry. But then the empire began to fall and French empire started it's ascent.Then came the idea of Nation State as we know it today with a centralised administration,central law, Central Judiciary, Centralised Tax collection and building up of the Notion of a Nation. The times should have seen a sea change as there were only individuals and their armies and nothing like a state. The "State" wasnt known at that time. Looking ourselves now I feel we are pretty gifted in that we have some system in place. I also feel that, we cannot think those systems that were in place that time are anything "Bad". Because in the great saga of Time nothing stays constant and the only thing that remains unchanged is "Change".May be even this system that we practice today "Democracy" may be replaced by a even better system-Who knows?. But I am an ordinary human and cannot think of a better system than "Democracy". I know "Democracy" has nothing to do with "Nation State" but the Polity that is in place today in many nations is this and it is to its credit that this world is what it is.
However, I agree with Drucker in his view that "Nation State" is slowly giving place to yet another system of "Regional" or "Continental" groupings. The EU is the greatest example of all. The mere fact that French and German can come together to form a union is in itself a remainder to the direction in which the world is moving.
But I dont agree with Drucker in his view that "Post-Capitalist Society" has to form from the Developed Nations only, because Capitalist Society came from it. Not necessarily. If that is the case then the Industrial Revolution that replaced Manual work should have started in the Present Day Third World Countries because Manual Work- Meaning any settled Work started in the present day Third World countries like China , West Asia (Iraq etc) and India.
However, couldnt hide a feeling of disappointment when drucker says" Nehru's India Failed" in Socialist Experiment. When he speaks of Third World Countries(Developing) there is mentioning about China, Brazil, Argentina but no INDIA- disappointing :(


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