Straight Angle™: 3rd in row
Friday, July 02, 2004

3rd in row 

We got our first year rank list today. 37th rank - sort of improvement from 52nd in first term to 58 in second term to 33 in third term and finally 37 for the first year. To celebrate it another film tonight and it just got over. Arul- starring Vikram and Jogthika. But spoilt the mood. As i was in mumbai for my summers i wasnt able to c this movie then and after coming to chennai also i didnt get a chance to watch this film. I only regret to watching it now. Such a pathetic movie it is- made a sankalp of not seeing any of such movies- but till u really watch one, how can u say it is one such or not. Checked the blogger site. Made some stunning changes in the page. But theyrnt loading on to the page. Made a matrix style header, changed the title to "Balanced Insanity"-thought that would describe me more closely. Chose an Oxymoron to remind me that there would always be two sides of a coin co-existing and that anything should have contradictions. As in Miltons Words:
"Where there is much desire to learn, there of necessity will be much arguing, much writing, many opinions; for opinion in good men is but knowledge in the making." John Milton (1608-1674).
I also thought of opening a new column on kural so that it would remind me of the richness of tamil but then i need to get the feed from somewhere. It might take some time. Let me see.
The worst part of today is that we got our dates for Summer Project Presentation and mine is on Monday. On oneside it is happier that i would finish off that earlier and rest but the down side is that i dont have enough time to prepare for it.
Even now we are preparing that side by side and in the other window iam posting this blog. Got Kaats's mail. Even nou, I couldnt understand what he meant. Let me change the Bg of the popup menu to a more darker colour.Thanx Kaats for the suggestion.


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