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Thursday, July 01, 2004
This is my second post through Email. The last post was done through the mail and it was amazing. When I think of the technology that had made these things possible, it makes me wonder at the genius of Men. He had been able to control nature, some time even conquer it( Though this may face some criticism). He had been able to change the entire world according to his wish. But the downside of it had been the problems that the modern man faces in terms of various ailments and other natural calamities.
However, the power of thought can never be questioned. As Victor Hugo's words " Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come" suggest, the world is gonna be a great place to live.( It had been and it still is). Also tried some changes in the page. Had been trying to get that popup menu over links for a long time. Now I got it from a web site. Nice stuff. Made the necessary changes and had put that thing in the page.But had to slog a lot because of some network problems- it didnt get saved for 3 times and I had to repeat the same coding for 4 times. How boring?.
Continuing with the "Post Capitalistic Society"- had to come across such controversial wordings yet. I will post them as and when I get to see them.
Yesterday had a great chat with my roomie(Avis- If u can get the meaning of the name- surprise prizes awaits u). He has a girl frnd and they are going steady. So our talk started from being conservative and just went on towards my opinion towards love.As a previous posts would suggest, Tamilians are seldom seen with girl frnds. This had always been a heart burn for me( True Feeling). But had to accept the fate. Then the talk slowly turned towards our would be life partners. I couldnt imagine ( r may be I didnt want to expose them) that way but the way he had been telling rather defining beauty, it seems southerners have to learn a lot in this. For me Beauty had always been a "kumkum" clad face with long hair and a cute face. I dont knou whether I need to increase the number of attributes in my definition of beauty.


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