Straight Angle™: High cut-offs don't always mean top-notch results
Wednesday, June 30, 2004

High cut-offs don't always mean top-notch results 

My ego has been feeded after this news. All my cribbing about not getting into IIT or an IIM as my parents and friends would liked or expected would now reduce( Atleast till I Forget this news). But sure there is still and will be some disappointment in that. But, Iam content with what I have now. May be later I will fulfill my desires. Coming back to the intended topic, this problem cannot be solved, because u cannot expect people to peak every time. There are some time period for people to peak and it is just a coincidence that they happen to peak at the time of examz. But for that I think all are equally gifted and talented. May be the interests are different and the prespectives differ.
Thats what I can think of now. Free for the rest of the day(Virtual not real). Thinking of the work ahead I know Iam barely free. But this blog stuff has enthused me beyond my own imagination, that i still continue inspite of everything.

Yesterday, went to our old room in the hostel. Last year we stayed at room number 418 and this year we have moved on to 218. Just out of curiosity want to know who is there in that room. Really disgusted. The guy there doesnt seem to be in the mould of management. I am surprised to find him meak and very reluctant to speak. May be he was busy with something. But I didnt carry very good impression( In the sense how we were in the beginning). He is from Mumbai and it surprised me more.I have thought that people from big metros would be more outgoing but had to adjust my views.

The summer project presentation hasnt got off. As the Head Home Finance and our Guide told me I didnt go for the presentation. But only after coming here I came to know that my Project Mate(Classmate too ) Jayesh has cancelled the presentation. I dont know how will that go down with the company. But Still we havent received our feedback forms and the certificates from the company. That had to be submitted here in the institute b4 this monady. I dont what will we be doin. God will save us. Amen.


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