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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Started my NGO report preparation. It is a very cumberesome process. I should have maintained a soft copy of the details I gave to CRY . But cribbing now is of no use. I will prepare the report once again.Also important today was the class on Organisational Psychology. I like the subject Psycology and it was interesting. It seems there wont be any exams as such in this module only our participation in the class through submissions and presentations.Its very hard to imagine a system without exams but yet it feels very good atleast to hear there wont be any exams. The first class was a defreezing session as "She"- Our course instructor Prof.Anuradha put it. She was giving us certian topics like Structural Analysis, Script Writing, Life Positioning Analysis, Ego etc., I know a bit about Ego(Most people know), so I volunteered to present over that topic and two others joined me. So thus started our ORPY class and soon i found it to be much more interesting. The definition of Ego as she told was "Identity of being a Human" which assumes only Humans have Ego, whereas it is a common knowledge that every living being in this world( inculding Tree and plants) have Ego.
The class revolved around these issues for quite some time and then she told that the structural stuff is determined genetically and that cannot be changed. I didnt understnad this. Anybody from psychology background plz explain me this


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