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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The Film and the Book 

Me just now saw the film"50 First Dates"- wonderfull movie.As most would have seen the movie by now, the story line is a different yet thoughtful one. A guy falls in love with a girl who had lost her short term memory in a car accident. She is able to remember only the events till the previous nights and all the subsequent days have gone unremembered. She would be able to remember the day's events only for that day. Sleep and it is gone. The guy who falls in love with her is a researcher(a veteni.) and a non commital man. He doesnt want to commit to any one till he sees her. He loves her all day and she forgets him the next day. He had to start it all once again the next day. The Director has also made it possible to not only laugh at the scenes but also sympthathise with people affected by this syndrome. There comes a guy in the film whose memeory lasts only for 10 seconds. Apart from the stunning locales, the movie has a strong comic sense running thru it and also makes the watcher sympthathise with "Lucy". The scene in which she asks him whether he loves her, the guy first stammers, tells that he comes to the same restaurant everyday to see her and spend time with her and finally accpets he loves her. That scene was amazingly done. Other scene was the one, in which he shoots all the Day's activities and shows her them in the morning and she asks" How many times I have seen this video?". The strength of the question strikes the watcher yet it brings laughter. Nice film after a long time.
Also reading a book of Porter-"Post- Capitalist Society". Nice book and as usual with Porter-revolutionary ideas. His aneathema to socialism is well known and he proves it by telling this-" Darwin, Marx, Freud is the trinity often cited as the "Makers" of the world. Marx would be taken out and replaced by F.W.Taylor, if there were any Justice in the world". But I think in all fairness to Marx we need to acknowledge the fact that had he not been there, we wouldnt have got a Philosophy that changed the world forever. The power of the philosophy is great to this date, but the manner in which it had been understood and implemented in the world leaves much to be desired, and may be a reason for its failure. It might be satisfying to say that " I said Communism will Fail even b4 1989" but what would have happened had Gorbhoshev not implemented Glasnost and Perestorika. God only knows. It is always easy to claim to have predicted an event after it had happened. This doesnt mean that I support Socialism. Iam undecided at this point about my idealogical leanings, coz I like the ideals of Socialism, but the way it is Implemented- Sorry


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