Straight Angle™: Brooklyn and WTC!
Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Brooklyn and WTC! 

There are some things that are better left unspoken- like Love, like dreams...and here like WTC!! The people I move with- a good number of them, seem to have lost someone- 1st or 2nd or at the least 3rd degree loss. The 9/11 is better not spoken about. So, I wasn't surprised when I found a congregation at the site, the day when I went there.

Actually, it wasn't a planned trip. We had initially planned to go to 5th avenue- the Apple Store. When I first read about the Apple Store, I know I wanted to see this place somehow. And when I know I am coming to Newark, I know this would be the first place that I would visit in NYC. But, as they say, things have their own ways of shaping up. The day we were supposed to go to Big Apple to see the Apple, we had a slight mis-communication and the result- the people who were supposed to take us there, ended up reaching there alone.

So I decided, the best way to explore a place is to get lost ;)...Started off with my colleague. We know we need to go to 5th avenue. But we had no idea on how to get there. Got into the Tube and started our journey. I saw the route map in the Path- but then ignored them. Wanted to just go till where the Path would take us. Ended up in WTC.

Once we saw the huge crater in the place of WTC, I was dumbstruck with the magnitude of the event. For most of us in India, it was destruction of a building and loss of lives- though the number was enormous, I guess we would never be able to fully comprehend the scale of the building or what it stands for. This one picture there was so moving that I couldn't stop walking away lest I would cry.

This is part of the Art for Heart Exhibition that is being conducted with the paintings by the children who lost their loved ones on 9/11.

NYC had always been a dream place for me. I am sure, it still is! What I saw there and what I felt there- words wouldn't be enough to explain them- it's not the richness, it's not the wealth or the power this city commands- it's the sheer scale of human possibilities that this city is a symbol of- that inspires me- well, I am distracting from the topic.

We ended up in this place and started walking as our legs would carry us. I was sure, that I would be able to make my way back. So took all the roads that I can take- simultaneously, my camera too was busy with it's piece of work. I had already decided that I would try out and experiment all the functionalities in the camera and I also wanted to learn the differences between the many settings- theoretically all make sense- but when you actually see the same scene taken with different settings, you can appreciate the difference.

When I saw the board "Brooklyn Bridge", I know we had come to the right place ;)- started towards it. Result- loads of pictures - there would be duplicates of the same scene- same people- but note that, the settings for each of the pictures vary- you can see the settings in the "Details" tab of the page!

The bridge itself is a marvel of architecture- there are boards and sign plates that tell you the story behind the Bridge- but the one marvelous thing about the bridge is that you get to see the Statue of Liberty far off- the sight is breath taking and awe inspiring- the symbol of everything that I hold high as moral and as value- though that is in short supply everywhere (even here).

Every moment I was there- I truly enjoyed the freedom, the human ingenuity and possibilities- to look at the Manhattan Skyline and the distant Empire State Building- it truly inspires you like none else, of the innate Human Will and resolve. Would love to go there once again- if not for anything atleast to enjoy it in the night- I hadn't taken my jacket with me, as it was pretty hot in the day when we left- but ended up in rains when we returned.

Tons of photos
for the patient enough!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

after searching through atleast 300 + photos I saw yours.Hope u will know about your camera more before u come here.

5/16/2007 4:21 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@anon: It would have been more enlightening, had I known who you are and where that "here" is!!

5/16/2007 6:06 AM  

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