Straight Angle™: iPhone and such like!
Saturday, January 13, 2007

iPhone and such like! 

Yesterday as I was hopping between meetings, lunch and SSN office and couple of other things, the one site that I never closed was this. Whenever I get a speck of a wireless access, I just refreshed the screen and when the ultimate announcement came, I wasn't too impressed. But as the pictures and other features started tickling in, I knew I am into something real exciting. Then scouring for all sort of material available on the Internet, reading for and against, so many opinions- mostly in favour..but some in doubt too. There is no doubt that this product is an awesome addition to the already exciting Apple portfolio. But the genius of this piece lies in its simplicity of design and uncluttered nature.

There would definitely be competitors closing in on Apple Inc, but then a start made is a start made and no one can change that. By throwing open the phone to public viewing pleasure (though the launch is planned only by June), Steve would have not only satisfied the FCC, but also might have given some lead time for his competitors.

I had put this post in draft the day after the iPhone announcement was made and as I am typing this today, there had already been so many twists and turns to the story. As the story keeps tickling in from all quarters and the legal minutes being fought out in the open, I am yet to take sides in this- While I am positive that Jobs wouldn't be stupid enough to say this without enough consideration, and be sure of the repercussions, I would only hope that all those started well, ends well and I get to refer to my dream as I refer to it now- iPhone.

While I intend to buy the phone the moment it hits the stores(provided it doesn't run out of stock), I don't know what I would do when I return back to India..With iPhone locked in with Cingular (now at&t), I can't use it anywhere other than in US. It seems that there might also be a contract period of 2 years and that would simply be too restricting for me. My only hope as of now is to wait till there is an unlocked phone that is available in the market. While there are no dearths of people waiting such, with the recent utterances from Stevie, I am not very enthusiastic about such a step- not the least in US. Ofcourse, I am sure if and when iPhone is released in other countries than US, it would be an unlocked version, the time for such a release disappoints me.

On an unrelated note, I have moved to the New, Blogger. Feels good- after a long wait..but yet to optimize my blog to the new features that the New Blogger offers.

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Blogger Chandramouly said...

Typically service providers provide you with an unlock code after say 6mths into the service; and you can ask for an unlock code if you are returning back to India; but anyways who is going to allow you to go out of US Shores!....

2/03/2007 3:54 PM  

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