Straight Angle™: 450 and going!
Saturday, November 11, 2006

450 and going! 

This is the 450th post of this blog and it has taken me 2 years and 7 months for this!. I wonder when I will make the 500th post! That would be a milestone for sure!

What caught my attention worthy of posting is the following news item at Boing Boing!. The study conducted at Harvard shows that Children as young as 5 years old, prefer lucky individuals over unluckier one.

Young children express stronger liking for the beneficiaries of good luck compared to the victims of bad luck and generalize this preference to those who share membership in a group. Because the disadvantaged are more likely to experience negative events beyond their control - such as the tendency for the poor to be most impacted by natural disasters - this innocuous preference for the privileged may eventually grow more harmful, further increasing negativity toward the disadvantaged. Such preferences may, in turn, help explain the persistence of social inequality.
Or so goes the inferences of the study. To me it seems intuitive. Probably, every child wants to be the beneficiary of the luck than the victim of fate. This natural tendency to be better off, reflects in liking a person who is better off -similar to our expectation of how we want to be!- I liked the way they have derived the probable reason for social inequities from the perception of luck and fate by children- Nice thought process!

The other thing that caught my attention was this!- Oh, that is a funny bit after a serious stuff!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 450th post. Hope to see the 500th one soon! :)

11/13/2006 4:07 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@KK:Thanks KK!..Me too hoping for it![:)]

11/14/2006 3:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kalakikkitinganne! :)
450!! yevvalopera ivvallo naala unga kadaya pakka/padikka vechadhu oru periya sadhanai dhan!
--Wild rose

11/14/2006 3:22 PM  
Anonymous monusoft said...


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