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Friday, November 24, 2006

Point on Point! 

Did any of your maths teacher or professor or anyone for that matter taught you that "Point" is, in fact an idea and not a reality?- that how much ever you zoom a point, it would still remain a point and that there is no dimension to it?

A Point in fact, exists only in the mind of the person who is thinking about it. So when I say that the "Line" connects Points A and B, and also say that Line is a single dimensional entity, does it ring a bell? What I fail to understand is how can an entity connecting two non-existing entities, exist? I mean, how can a line derive its existence, when the basic definition of its existence itself is absent and still get a dimension?- In the end does the dimensions too exist only in the mind of people thinking about it or do they exist for real?

If Point doesn't exist, what is wrong in saying that Point is a Sphere, whose radius tends to Zero. Since a Point doesn't exist, you can't disprove that when the radius of a Sphere tends to Zero, it can't become a Point- You can only prove or disprove the existence of an existing thing- right? You can't prove the existence of a non-existing entity! In a similar vein, a Point can also be a Line whose Length tends to Zero. For this, you would have to first prove that a Line is in fact an entity, which would follow (from reversing my earlier argument), that Point does exist!!- This would be at variance with my earlier argument, which goes to prove that all maths that we were taught (If at all we were taught) was fiction!

So, what is the Conclusion??? You get a highly jobless, Internet enabled IT Professional!- That's the Point!



Blogger Skely said...

a highly sensible nonsense i have read in recent times.. i need to get back at this in peace, to analyze more.. :)

11/24/2006 1:48 AM  

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