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Monday, January 08, 2007


Its been a week in a foreign land for me- but except for the cold and the wads of clothing that I wear, nothing seems any different..I wasn't able to understand the excitement in people's voice when they heard that I am off to USA- and now, I am still unable to get the reason for the excitement. To me, it makes no difference. The roads, the distance, the loneliness, the computer, the electronic faces and virtual life - all remain the same...just that, they live in a different time zone.

I still only chat with friends- lost the personal touch of meeting them in person - with some, I had even lost that chat. People have long lost their faces...they exist mostly as profile pages and a permanent residence with an @ sign. I have forgotten- to a good extent- doesn't even know how someone's face would be. I imagine context and emotions to chat sessions- I interpret things the same way I used to...nothing seems to have changed.

It doesn't really impress me that there are so many cars on the streets- so many bikes- so many what not- Unless I have any of them- how does it matter if someone else has it?- Life is as same as it had always been- may be one difference is that, now I am cooking- and that’s after a break of good 4 years. How much ever I think about it, I am unable to place my finger on the lack of excitement in my stay here...for sure, I am not frightened… I am not home sick..I am not missing anyone...I am not missing Indian Food...I am not getting jacked at office...I am not anything....I am NOT.

When I start my 40 minute walk (one way) to office and back with my iPod plugged in spewing songs, that had never been any different- be it in Hyderabad or Mangalore or Plano. The songs remain the same, the bag remains the same, the walk remains the same and everything that goes with it remains the same. I watch SUN TV at exactly the same time as I used to watch- thanks to some streaming site. I had forgotten what a good food would taste like...so its all the same- Food has for sometime become just a potion to alleviate hunger and ceased to excite me as it used to- when I was able to appreciate it.

The office, the park, the cemented road, the zipping cars- absolutely nothing is any different. May be its supposed to be so!

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Anonymous Nariyal hutney said...

Hi , "I wasn't able to understand the excitement in people's voice when they heard that I am off to USA." . Everyone sees going to US as a benchmark for success . That y :P . For us it no longer seems to be a success criteria , as it is no longer exclusive and everyone we know are in US or has been to US especially in IT Industry :P

1/09/2007 2:10 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@Nariyal Chutney: To a good extent what you say is true..but along with that, what I am driving is at, the things that we are supposed to be awe at, are available right there in India at around a fraction of the cost. I mean clean roads, shinning cars, cool climate..everything..just go to any IT campuses..you would know what i am talking about!

1/10/2007 2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope that you still remember my face.

Vinod Sridhar S

1/18/2007 6:49 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@VS:Dei lodukku...too much da idhellam![;)]

1/18/2007 11:04 PM  

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