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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Related.....Yet Unrelated! 

The way the so-called Fourth Estate had been handling some of the latest issues makes me go sick. The recent incidents and their reporting leaves a foul taste in me. First comes the Priyadarhini Mattoo's case and judgement in that. I had already written how I feel about it. The way the word "Justice" was used then, made me wonder, whether the press is overdoing their job and mandate. And then I get the proof.

Proof 1: Interview with Mr.Ram Jethmalani
I fail to understand how the press decides who is the murderer, who should be punished, who is innocent, who is guilty, who should support whom, what should lawyers do, what they shouldn't, so on and so forth. Here, as can be clearly seen, the question of why is Ram Jethmalani arguing for the accused is none of the Press's concern. Why can't the press see that even the accused is a man with equal rights for a trail and his case heard? I am appalled at the way the press had already branded Manu Sharma a criminal.

There might be evidence against him, but then it is not for the press to rule who should argue for him- and what is the Lakshman Rehka that Sagarika Ghose is talking about? Where had that Rekha gone for the press? I dont think any one can pass a value judgement on whom Ram Jethmalani is appearing for and more important whom he should appear for! I agree with RJ that, there can be noone other than the court to decide on who is guilty and who is innocent. If as Ghose says there are evidence against Manu Sharma, then why don't it be submitted to the court and the case resolved there? Now, will the press take back their words, if the Higher Court finds Manu Sharma innocent and acquits him? After Priyadarshini's case Justice for such crimes had come to be equated with Death sentence. I am wondering what will this press say, if the punishment is anything other than death. It appears to me that the press had already decided on what should be the punishment for Manu Sharma and they want it delivered- No matter what the courts might decide! [Read the entire script of the Interview here]

Proof2: Chennai's Culture reporting!
Another story on how the Chennai's cops are overdoing their duties! It escapes me completely, on how can the media take this up, when there is a violation of a law, a rule and yet blame the police for that! The Hotel in question clearly seem to have violated the rule, by keeping the Pub opened after the prescribed time. I am not arguing for such a rule. Infact, I would rather say the entire rule is a bullshit. But having said that, we need to agree and accept that such a rule exists and then live with such a rule or change it- if we are not comfortable with it. But when a person breaks it, he is Guilty. Just because we don't like the law doesn't mean that we can break it. There are thousands of rules and regulations that personally I might not agree with- that is not a convincing enough reason for me to break it.

Will the same media accept a policeman accepting a speeding motorist or a license less lorry driver saying that the motorist had only violated the speed limit by 10 Kms? A violation is a violation and a rule is a rule. Every citizen that lives in a country had to necessarily obey the laws and rules of the place. Breaking the law is not a solution for an uncomfortable law. The more salient point here is the moral policing part (as reported by the media). One girl is quoted as saying that,
That's none of anybody's business. My parents know that I'm out and I'm okay with it.

While it is no-ones business to question you on why you were out, it is absolutely correct for the cops if you break the law/rule. It is ofcourse their business. Now, there isnt anything like a tolerance limit to break a rule/law..is there?

The media(in this case CNN-IBN) completely misses the point that the hotel had violated teh regulation- apart from mentioning that,
The police cracked down on a three-star pub 'Speed' at about 2310 hrs (IST) on Saturday for exceeding the closing time of 2300 hrs (IST) by 10 minutes.

In the related video clip, the reporter is heard to say, a "whole 10 minutes" with a bit of Sarcasm(this is my personal inference- needn't be the case). Does this mean that the media would have been fine had the cops come after say 1 hour and did the same thing? Ridiculous the way reporting is being done! I don't think these are any reporting. These are plain opinion pieces.[Read the entire script here]

Proof 3: Trader's Strike
Yet another media twisting of the story. Only the news of impending closure is reported, while the basic truth that the constructions were illegal in the first place is conveniently blackened out. The saddest part comes when the Government says that it cannot go ahead with the Supreme Court mandated order citing law and order situation. What the heck? If a Government cant handle law and order, then why the hell is it still continuing in office? How can a mob hold the entire State and Central Governments at ransom? The court is right when it said,
"No one can be permitted to place a dagger at the government's neck and seek relief. No one can be permitted to hold the city and its law-abiding citizens to ransom"

Why would anyone respect law if the Government is going to cite law and order as a reason for inaction? Why should anyone respect anything, if he/she knows a mob can hold the entire machinery at bay with violence? What is the point in then blaming mobs?

All three incidents seem to be unrelated- but they are related to the same role of "Acting God" that the press in this country had come to take. While it is certainly great and desirable to have an active press, it is absolutely unbecoming to have a press with no respect for laws and a press that does opinion pieces in the name of reporting.

Remember "The Hindu"?. Its loosing its user base precisely because of such an arrogant "I am invincible" and "What I say is Truth" attitude!

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Blogger Mouly said...

Hmm..very true..Media has become a place to sensationalize things..Again if you look deeper, Who are all these medias? same you & me likes who are trying hard to make their mark- all freshers who dont have any idea on Journalism and want to project themselves...So when the fundamentals are wrong, then everything else go wrong. So thats where India is, we have got our basics incorrect and thats the reason we are messed up!..isn't it?

11/20/2006 7:54 PM  

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