Straight Angle™: Why I love Apple (sic)
Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Why I love Apple (sic) 

Ummmm..this might be one of the reasons that I love Apple. The mere serendipity of the discovery beats all the product manuals and user guides. When I bought the iPod, I was surprised to find the pack with a single sheet of user manual. It just said what is inside, had a diagram describing the various parts and the ways to play, pause, rewind and forward the songs. It had instructions on how to load the songs..and believe me- thats it..Nothing more to it.

When I had only a handful of songs, I never found it difficult to navigate. It was simple. I stored all based on Albums and Artists..So I would directly go there, and the scrolling was reduced to the minimum possible. But when my play lists exploded to thousands, I thought its going to be a task to first arrive at the exact song that I want to play. But I never gave a thought to the period that I kept scrolling to arrive at the song.

Sometime back it appeared to me that I was able to reach the fag end of the play list faster than I thought it would take, but I didn’t give much thought about it then because I wasn't thinking that the scroll disk would be so intelligent to sense my intention and feed me songs faster. But that is exactly what it seems to do.

There's the iPod's slick scroll wheel that accelerates down a long list of songs
the longer you turn it; [Reproduced from the article in the link]

I wasn't expecting the scroll disk to be so sensible and intelligent. Apple simply bowls me over.



Anonymous The mottai boss said...

itz exactly for these reasons there is a cult following....even my dream would be to get an ibook with jaguar OS with linux kernel....well, that would have to wait a while

7/26/2006 1:14 PM  

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