Straight Angle™: Speaking iPod!
Monday, July 10, 2006

Speaking iPod! 

Oops!!..May be I was a bit early!;-)...Now a speaking iPod.[Via Techmeme].

But all said and done, iPod rocks...it truly rocks...most of my time now goes on with my iPod lapped into my trousers and the ears phone snugged into the ears- oblivious to the external world..Umm...such a nice and peaceful thing to do!

With the iPod, I do get to discover the beauty of songs that I wouldn't have heard otherwise- Put the pod in shuffle mode and then you chance upon some awesome songs...one such is the Unnavida.

Shreya Ghosal and Kamal Haasan had given the song a nice touch. It touches the cord at all the right places- especially when you get to hear it in a slight drizzle standing near the gates in the metro train with the moist air beating down on your face and you are wondering where you are heading to.

உன் கூட நான் கூடி இருந்திட எனக்கு ஜென்மம் ஒண்ணு போதுமா
நூறு ஜென்மம் வேணும் அத கேக்கரேன் சாமிய
நூறு ஜென்மம் நமக்குப் பொதுமா?
வேற வரம் ஏதும் கேட்போமா?
சாகா வரம் கேட்போம் அந்த சாமிய அந்த சாமிய

Umm....n so it goes!



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