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Friday, June 16, 2006

Things to wonder! 

I had always found this rather interesting coincidence- As the Ice cubes drown in the golden yellow liquid and plead for dear lives, sending armies of fine white bubbles to the top, men with the glass in hands open up like a dam that was just brust!! Had seen many of them crying, laughing and doing all kind of stuff, when they are in the company of the Generals, Soldiers and Armies- I mean the Liquid armies!

It had been long time since I had been out with such a group. May be the last time that I went out with such a group was, when I had been to TAPMI for the homecoming..After that, it had been a rare occassion to get the company of a glass wielding friend for dining out! This time, with the Hyderabad winter giving a perfect alibi to a get-together in a warm evening, I cudn't give any plausible reply, to not join them!

And so, when we met, it was surprising- many a changes in each 0ne's life...Guess, every second counts when it comes to change!!..The settings were perfect...a chilly weather, and a cozy interior, filled with Cigarette smoke[err..that was less than perfect for me!:)].

How much Life has changed- there isn't any metrics/scale to measure it. How I wish there was one..I would be much happier to say my life had changed to the extent of 7.6 in the "Life Change Scale" and not write pages blabbering on that.

When I was rummaging through the old mails, which I do by habit- most of the time to soothe the ruffled feathers, a stroll on the as-they-say "Goo'Ol days" mails, would lift my spirits up and let me come back to the present....Its ironical, the past letting me to come to the present and look out for the future- but thats what happens when one reads some mails.

I had a professor in TAPMI- a very much unconventional guy, a pretty hippy-hop one, who had written me saying that my blog would be a place to watch out for the latest in the world. I wonder where had that confidence gone now. I seldom update my blog and if at all I update, its mostly ramblings, complains and rotten stuff.

I wonder where had the drive in me gone. Where will I find it....will I ever find it???


Blogger Chakra Sampath said...

same with me & my blog as well.. :)

6/16/2006 8:22 AM  
Blogger Skely said...

Perhaps your interest is diverted to other fields.. as long as you are occupied with something else you shouldn't really worry about it... We just cannot please everyone in this world, and also please and each and every wishes of ours... so no blogging no issues as long as you are fit and fine..

But ofcourse, your readers will have to wait a little longer for your comeback...

But please don't write for the sake of writing...

6/28/2006 8:29 AM  

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