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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Today's Funda 

It is interesting( and saddening) to see how Science [wiki def.] is being butchered...For someone, who had marvelled at the thought of evolution and the innumerable surprises(well, more expected surprises) that the theory throws up, this debate is frightening!!

Add to that fear, the results of a poll by some sundry newspapers, and the recent argument being put forward by schools themselves, makes me wonder, where are we heading towards? I wonder, if this is the darkest age in Human history?

But, all is not so bad!..Think of the Soviet Perestroika [Wiki Def.] and Glasnost [Wiki Def.] and the chief architect!..When one reads through the auto-biography of Michael Gorbachev, one can understand that, there are more to it than Gorbachev! One such man- Alexander Yakovlev, passes away!

It is interesting to note, who the early adopters of .com revolution are. Take a look at the oldest .com domains still in use. While the usual suspects like, Apple, Cisco, IBM, etc are present, the most unusual for me was the absence of Micros**t. Having been founded in 1975, it is surprising to note that, Microsoft didn't have a website even by late 1987 in its own name.. So, what was Microsoft registered as..any idea?[Spotted via John Battelle's Search Blog]


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