Straight Angle™: Phew!! An year now!!
Sunday, April 24, 2005

Phew!! An year now!! 

It has been a year now that I started blogging. Last year, the time was around 6:30, when I got into a cyber café in Dombivili, Mumbai (or is it Thane?) and started typing something. That time, the title of the blog was “My Experiences with Train travel in Mumbai”. The blog was intended to be a repository of my thoughts during the predominantly long train travels from Thakurli to Santa Cruz in Mumbai for my summers. Then the blog travelled places, changed titles, managed many topics, from book review to politics, to being a private rambling point, remaining a dairy of sorts taking in all the petty stuff that I managed to think on and write down. Now, turning back, I see that the first two months had been a complete rambling account. Later it underwent a metamorphosis to being a thought archive. Now after a year, it is still a private dairy, but had seen many an ups and downs. It had been a good venting ground, sometime been my anonymous communication pad and many more. For all these and more, this post is to commemorate the first anniversary of my blog. Please join me in congratulating my blog long life and continued health. After all, even it suffers from occasional loading problems and page errors.
Now, back to my normal postings:
My stay in Chennai had been punctured by a sudden death of a distant relative, by hospitalization of cousin sister’s child (11 month old) and some lighter moments. My cousin sister’s son got some viral infection and was admitted in hospital and was administered saline. My observation in hospital leaves many a questions:Are the ladies (n general) more interested in beauty than any thing else? This is because, when I stayed in the hospital, I saw many a ladies beautifying themselves at the first stroke of the clock. Right at 7:00, they bathe and then start dressing up. They bring all sorts of cosmetics, including Talc, mirrors, and comb (these are not cosmetics, but then….). This beautifying goes on till the chief doctor or the morning breakfast (whichever is first) comes. The routine never changes, whether anyone of those come or not. This also doesn’t depend on the severity of the ailment of the child. The hospital being Child Trust in Nungambakkam, the patients are only children and it is really a terrible sight to see those young kids suffer from pain and cry. I just couldn’t stand there. My only prayer all the time was that there should be no aliment for children. There should be a better way to administer saline and trips. Those needles and those insertions are seriously a terrible way to health. There must be improvements in medicine technology so as to render injections redundant.


Anonymous sweety said...

hai thanq u for dropping by....well congratulations 4 completing one yr,..me was juss new 2 this world...learning lots ofthings..n had fun...hehe!!! anywayz be like tht :) keep blogging hmmmm!

4/24/2005 10:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ladies are not obsessed about beautifying themselves....it is only a routine ....and they do it primarily coz they want to feel good about themselves..talk and walk with confidence...its just giving a personal boost to oneself....u wouldnt feel good wearing the same dress the next day would u?...its kinda the same thing....anyway...all women are beautiful...in their own way!

4/24/2005 11:14 AM  
Blogger Krish said...

@Sweety:Oh Thnax for the wishes...n all the best for your blog too..
@Anonymous: I agree with you...I am certainly not against ladies dressing up..n I too dont like wearing the same dress the next day...but then when those ladies are the parents of the children lying there in bed..it feels a bit awkward...n I can understand their need to feel confident..no qualms regarding that...its just an observation...BTW..It would be great, if I can know ur name...just to be feel better u know...N who would argue against ladies being beautifull in their own way..

4/27/2005 2:39 AM  

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