Straight Angle™: The tale of two posts!
Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The tale of two posts! 

Typed so much to post...but silly...Forgot to bring the floppy along with me to the cafe..so now posting some consolation post...will post later...But a line which I had written down to post had just stayed fresh in my mind...

Beleifs can be False...
But Faith???
Love is Faith...

I wrote much more...rather a long post in that...but due to the sick memory of mine....its lying waste in the comp there...But I can always post interesting stuff...I got myself "Mehndi"ed...ie...had lots of "Marudhaani"...so asked my sister to help me out in putting up a design in my hands...and now both my palms are red with Mehndi...
And I had left Chennai only to return there in a couple of days...I had come to my native...to drop my cousin sister at her house...and a new entrant to our house...a red Victor GLX 125 CC...after a long argument with my father settled for the red...he preferred blue...but all my dreams of taking the bike with me to Hyderabad had to be sacrificed...coz of the NOC rule...I couldn't get NOC before settling the full amount...I had taken it in Installements...so would have to wait a bit longer before I can lay my hands on the bike....
Update at 01:46 PM:
Would it matter if the past was painful?
Should it matter if the future would be even more painful?
Why should it be felt that past can't be forgotten?
Isn't the future made up of present?
And the present by the past?
Will the past go off, if you forget them?
For, the person thinking of forgetting the past,
Looses the present in the thought
And the Future in not thinking of the present.
Never realises the continuum called LIFE
Thinks of Life as a differential!
While it is an integral of small moments.

Iam no philosopher!
But the scary truths had dawned on me.
Only to make me realise that the truths had never been scary.
It's the Human preponderance with Lies
that makes the truth seem scary!
The meaning of existence- is what we define it to be.
When the definition is in your hand,
Isn't it stupidity to search for the meaning in void?
The irony of life is not in its duality,
But in its concealment!

Thanks to the known Enigma for the inspiration for this post!


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