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Monday, April 18, 2005

Nothing Much to do!! 

Been out on a shopping spree yesterday. Bought some necessities- cell phone tops the list. I think a simple cell phone that would make a call, receive it and send some occasional SMS would be enough for me for the time being (at least). Nokia 1100 fits the bill perfectly. It’s sleek, simple, cheap, user friendly and more than everything, I had already used it and so had got used to it. I feel comfortable using it and so settled for it. Thought of going for the 1108, but the incremental benefit that I would get from 1108, is less than the incremental cost associated with it. The display doesn’t come in my priority list for a mobile yet. May be it would be the deciding factor in the months to come, once I get bored of this display. But, the biggest surprise is that I bought the set for Rs.2800/-. It seems that 1100 is the cheapest set around.
As of now enjoying the Chennai heat and the sweat (what else can I say??). Chennai has been growing rapidly I guess. There are lots of new buildings at places I never dreamt of. The other thing that never fails to surprise me is the unending rush at the Ranganathan Street. It has never been any less- come what may- rain, heat, cyclones- nothing stops people from buying something or the other. I wonder how so many people find so much time to stand in the never ending queues for everything- right from depositing their luggage at the entrance to the bill payment. People (including me) also find money to spend. Funny people- funny business.
With the petrol bunkers strike hitting the nation today, there was heavy rush in all the petrol bunks yesterday. I had to wait for around ½ hour at the Venkatnarayana Street bunk to fill petrol. It is the same story at the Anna Salai (Nandanam Jn) Bunk too. I guess it would have been the same sight at almost all bunks around the city yesterday. Petrol Bunk owners would have seen their sales jump to astronomical propositions yesterday. Would this be compensating enough for their loss of sales today? God alone knows.


Anonymous sweety said...

nice blog...me was first time here.....

hmmmm! me like shopping anything....i brought Nokia 1100...it was good....well hey i saw ur picture whn am scolling down....nice pic

4/23/2005 6:12 AM  

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