Straight Angle™: Books and Movies....Combi changed...
Friday, January 28, 2005

Books and Movies....Combi changed... 

Count had reduced..only two movies today....Page3 and Butterfly Effect...

Butterfly Effect:

One of my favourite theories...Chaos Theory and Butterfly Effect explains a part of it...The theory, as many of you might know, says that "A simple flapping of wings of a butterfly in amazonian forest can lead to Typhoons in Japanese coast"....simply put, it says, there are almost infinite number of variables, that affect the happening of a certain event, all of which cannot be simultaneously determined and quantified...The shape of the graph for Lorenz's chaos theory explanation looked something like this: (can you figure the Butterfly..though the graph has got nothing to do directly with the butterfly effect)

He (Lorenz) saw that the complex systems show order, but they never repeat....
wait.....this is turning out to be a technical post...I dont want it that way....Coming back to the film, it made me think, though I dont prefer films that make me think.....I feel books do the job better...coz in books, you have the ultimate freedom to visualize events and draw your own conclusion....Visual media denies you that cushion and so, I prefer movies to be light and humorous....they have to make me feel light...the story basically deals with a guy living with his single mother because his father had become crazy and had been hospitalised.....this child grows up in isolation and in his adolescent, he makes a mistake of putting a dynamite in the mail box of his neighbour that kills the neighbour and her child....the guy has the habit of writting diaries...now years later, he recalls his past.....with the help of butterfly effect, the Director attempts to prove that, had this single incident not taken place or someother thing had happened, then the life of many others would have been wastly different.....seemingly unconnected people join in your life....there are atleast 4 ( I lost count after sometime) different branches of possibilities and the flow of life after that possibility has happened....God after sometime, it really becomes confusing on which probability the story is in....but the end was awesome....the movie ends with a baby closing its eyes(meaning dying)...the story also tells somewhere that this guy was the third child to his mother and the previous two were miscarriages....now at the end it all dawns is that, even the third child is a misscarraige....it has dreamt of having been born for the parents and being into some sort of life....it has lived a life of its own even before it is born....and it dies inside the womb....so it all ends as the dream of a dying foetus....Oh....*sigh*

Page 3:

A wonderful story of Ideology, practicality and pragmatism....Pragmatism wins ofcourse.....a story of three women, that get stuck in the system and the crap that goes behind those celebrity Page 3 funda...a nice movie..makes you laugh too sometimes....a very down to earth, simple and straight forward movie that portrays the social evils too...and the response of the society to those occurences...jus now out of it....late night show...feeling sleepy too..

The Wisdom of Crowds
and The Laws of Manu- Currently reading.


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