Straight Angle™: Major Goof-Up
Monday, August 09, 2004

Major Goof-Up 

In what can be called a major goof up, I changed the template of the blog. I know that I will lose all my customisations, but then I was clever enough to take the code and store it seperately. I changed the template and wasnt satisfied with any of them. So thought I will revert back to the old one. When I went back to the stored file- WTF! I havent stored the entire code. The code has taken a lot of time to load and hence when I copied, only half of the code had loaded. I did ctrl+A and ctrl+c - so I couldnt see whether the entire page has loaded. This was a major shock to me. I have lost most of my programs. The scroll bar had gone and along with it all the site URl's of fellow bloggers. I donno what to do. Thankfully, I had a bit of my earlier test pages with the URLs alone. I have done whatever I could but Iam unable to determine whether anything has changed in the site. If anyone of you find anything that has been changed, please inform me. As far as the template is concerned I am working on one- creating my own template. I might load it once it is really ready.


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