Straight Angle™: Natural Capitalism
Friday, August 06, 2004

Natural Capitalism 

I donno what has really interested me in this topic. Nowadays I find myself searching more for Communism and Capitalism- Free Market economy etc... The latest addition in that series is the book "Natural Capitalism". Iam jus out of the library with that book and I have to give it a read b4 I can give any comments on it. The authors are Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins and Hunter Lovins- may be a family I think- what ever may be it.. I will finish this book within a week- I have to- then comment on it. Otherwise, I will comment on it as I go through. The premise of the book is to creating the next Industrial Revolution- what do the authors prescribe for it- the book might be holding some insight. Atleast I hope so.
Then after a long time just went on a rampage in the blog world. Because of the problems here with the n/w admin I am unable to get the links of blogspot. so I have got a new method of circumventing the system. Google- cached pages- ofcourse, the material would be a bit old, but atleast i will get something to read and share. Then when most of the sites have message boards- so no problem. Got into many blogs. Kaats- know something- missed the Sales class i was telling u because of this. The class was at 11.30 and so i signed off from messanger at around 11.15. But I had already gone to Princess Sindhuja's site then.Her poems had made me think heavily that I didnt mind looking at the clock- and when i really looked at one - alas it was already 11.40 and today we had a presentation and I was supposed to present it. Got royally *******. The prof. was a nice guy just left me with an "F". Got to meet him- nothing great will happen- had to listento gyan for around 10 minutes. Curse the Blogg........ Damn it..... Laughs wickedly......


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