Straight Angle™: Raining Like I Dont Know What!
Thursday, August 05, 2004

Raining Like I Dont Know What! 

Here in Manipal, it is raining like I dont know What. It has been raining for the last three days continuously, and I really enjoy this rain. Though it makes your clothes stink, though it makes your shoes ugly and sticky, I still like rains. I like to get drenched in one great rain. May I wish a rain that doesnt wet my shoes or more realistically a shoe that doesnt get wet from rain, a cloth that doesnt get wet and starts stinking from rain. May I wish my clothes dry soon, even if I put them inside the room, with all the windows closed. My room is in the second floor of the hostle and it gives an excellent view of the outside world, if only I can see it at the most exciting moment. The evening sunsets had always been great treat to watch, but now in the second floor, Iam yet to watch a spectacular sunset. This is more so because there is no sunny evening till now(as it is raining) and nothing to suggest that I have missed them.
Rain brings in with it the smell of earth, which is another USP of rain.Though that comes along only with the first rain and subsequently dies out, that smell is the only thing that has not been replicated by the Humans. Can Humans ever do that? I dont know.
Today's psychology class was a stressfull one. Our Prof. asked us to write "Who am I"- pretty difficult question to answer in paper. Brought out many unknown facets of me. May be the following sessions will be more soul searching sessions. Then I need to be prepared for some surprises. I have already taken tests like Personality types, Self-esteem questionnaries etc, but this seems to be a bit different. Also, there was a very pertinent question raised- How can I reveal about myself to a stranger(Prof.) I dont know whether it is a right doubt. As think we need to belive in somebody and there is no wrong in believing your own instructor - rather facilitator. May be she can help you if need be.


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