Straight Angle™: What is Love?
Thursday, July 08, 2004

What is Love? 

What is love?
This question has been through my mind for quite some years. I haven't felt "In Love" any time b4. May be the closest I came to that was when I was in Engineering college.There used to be a girl from Cochin who studied in the same college as mine, but in different department. I used to kinda like her- the way she conducts herself, her mannerisms, her charm, her any other thing... Wait here. I'm not gonna describe her here. I am just trying to find what I liked in her that I thought I love her. Still I am unable to tell the exact reason. This is what intrigues me.
Is it just the "Feminist Part" in her or her mannerisms or her any other thing.Then does that mean that I liked only the attributes, and not Her. Is it?. How can I separate attributes from personality?. Then is Love just a matter of fact statement or is it more towards the Poetic side. Is it mere attraction towards another or is it like what Kamban n Tagore would like us to believe? Love is Divine - is then what people call here not Love- coz I haven't seen any Divinity in their relationships. Now I don't even recall that Girl's face.What made me think that I love that girl in the first place. Why not any other girl? If is it beauty alone then I am very sure that there were other girls who were more beautifull than she was. Is it pure chemistry that some chemical played its part when I saw her and at other times that chemical was hibernating? If it was a function of some nerve cells in the brain , then are those nerve cells now dead?. The term Love itself is a bit fuzzy I think. I donno what to call it. May be I'm bit confused now as to the etymological meaning of the word "LOVE". Or is it that I should not relate the meaning of the word to practice? The meaning has to be seperated from Practice-
Means "Love" is Management
Yahoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!. I have got it ;-)


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