Straight Angle™: What is Education in India?
Wednesday, July 07, 2004

What is Education in India? 

What is education in India?- Is Indian education overly systematized? Had the “education” process in India stuck in its colonial mindset? In the early times Indians didn’t get a compartmentalized education, like Mathematics, Science, Social Science etc., the education that the children of current age receive or of course what we received is a highly differentiated education. It’s a third degree differential with no scope for a holistic picture. An adolescent in the 12th standard would know what is integration and differentiation, but does he know to apply this in other day to day life?. For ex. Can he relate that what his mother does daily by cooking is a fine art of integration and the digestion part is a differential of Nth order? Does the present education let him appreciate our own innate “Indianess”, in that we try seeing the holistic picture (Of course without worrying about the basics)? The earlier gurukul system made this easy because he was not given education in broken down structures like Maths, Physics, chemistry etc. When a principle of mathematics is used in physics, will I be able to relate the two and understand the interrelation between streams?. This system produced some of the best known minds of India. But what has happened now?. As the former President Mr.RadhaKrishnan said, India hasn’t contributed to the world in terms of Ideas for the past 400 years. I don’t know whether the gurukul provided Comprehensive education. But am sure, such an education would make us more competitive. When Indians are still groping in the medieval Victorian education system, the western education has come a full circle to begin with Chaos theory and Fractal Geometry and the entire face of western education is undergoing change.

This post comes as an after thought of Drucker’s “Post-Capitalistic Society” in which he argues that “Applying Knowledge to knowledge “ would be the next best thing. The book was written in 1993 and it has been 11 years and it still holds good. If the earlier years were characterized by the “Knowledge Ignorance” or “Applying Knowledge to work”, this new age would be “Applying Knowledge to knowledge”. Can India afford to loose this and remain for ever as “Cyber Coolie”


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