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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Just some arbid thought! 

உடல் மண்ணுக்கு உயிர் தமிழுக்கு - இதை உரக்கச் சொல்வோம் உலகுக்கு,
இனம் ஒன்றாக மொழி வென்றாக புது வேலை எடுப்போம் விடிவுக்கு,
நம் வெற்றிப் பாதையில் நரிகள் வந்தால், விருந்து வைப்போம் விண்ணுக்கு.

பிறந்த பிள்ளை நடந்து பழக கையில் வேலைக் கொடுப்போம்.
பிறந்த குழந்தை இறந்து பிறந்தால் வாளால் கீறிப் புதைப்போம்.
யுத்தச் சத்தம் கேட்டால் போதும், முத்தச் சத்தம் முடிப்போம்,
இரத்தக் குளத்தை நிறப்பி நிறப்பி, வெற்றித் தாமரையை பறிப்போம்.

எங்கள் மண்ணைத் தொட்டவன் கால்கள் எங்கள் நிலத்தில் உரமாகும்,
எங்கள் பெண்ணைத் தொட்டவன் கைகள் எங்கள் அடுப்பில் விறகாகும்.

Was listening to the above lyrical from Iruvar. I guess I was in my 11th standard then and a fierce Tamil nationalist in that [Guess all the political ("spoil"tical) meetings happening around had their own effect]. Whatever, there was a time when I enjoyed listening to this bit much more than anything- felt this gave a raw gut and an energy to do something. But now, when I listen to the same song, I find it revolting and highly inflaming. Though it gives me the same hair-arousing feel even today, I don't enjoy it as much as I did then!

The lyrics and the accompanying music aren't anything I would like now- rather I would prefer the "Narumugaiyae" and "Poo Kodiyin Punnagai" bits these days. When I intercede the moments of Tamil political and cinema history with the film, I would assume that these are the lines spoken by the "Tamilchelvam" during the anti-hindi protests (I hadn't yet seen the film myself and so I dont know who actually mouths these words on screen).

For non-tam readers(if there are any), the above lyrics roughly translates to:(Here, Tamil refers to the race and not just language)
Mortal body to Earth- soul to Tamil, lets announce this to the world!
Let's take the weapon to Unite the race for Tamil's victory,
And will treat the heavens with the cunningness that obstruct our strife!

Lets use the spear for teaching a child to walk,
If a child is born dead, let the death be of Martyrdom,
Let the struggle precede love in our life,
The bloodiness of Victory shouldn't deter us!

Foreign Legs that fall on our land would be to nourish it,
Foreign hands on our women, would be the fuel for our homes!
I still am unable to really digest the gruesomeness of the translation. But this is what would have been the contextual equivalent- if I had been able to do some justice to the context and meaning of the prose- It didn't sound this gory as it sounds in English! :)



Blogger Ramesh said...

Nice read. Though it is an old post I just stumbled across it while searching for the above mentioned lyrics.

Anyway, I like to your sensitive approach and the
good translation. Though it looks gory, your transalation tries to capture the meaning and the intensity of the original lyrics. A better judgement. This is how translation should be.

Coming to the lyrics, I feel the same sensation whenever I hear it. However, there is nothing to feel bad about this song. This kind of fierce nationalism is what is needed though it should be directed in the positive channel.

Love for the motherland and language are essential mirages we need to create ourselves for the betterment of the society to which we belong.

If we don't distinguish ourselves (i.e. keep an identity) we might be forgotten with the tide of time.

I know you would appreciate. It was nice reading your blog. Please keep up.

8/06/2007 2:14 AM  

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