Straight Angle™: Russia denies N-submarine deal with India
Friday, October 22, 2004

Russia denies N-submarine deal with India 

Russia denies N-submarine deal with India
Just yesterday,we were witness to reports claiming that Russia would be leasing Nuclear Submarine to India on a 10 year lease...but today, we hear from the Russians that they wouldnt be supplying the Subs. This might be due to the pressure of US.. I beleive this is due to its pressure only...but then India has its own way of getting things done from Russia...Though Russia is badly in need of western support and Money, it also wants to maintain its super power status and a multi polar world...it understands that a stronger India would be in its interest and also would serve its strategic intend of staking a claim to be a pole in the multi-polar world..it knows that for all the noices that they make, Europeans wouldnt really afford to stand up to US, as it would be tougher now, with EU expanding and US has too large a swaying power with its doles to the lesser developed east European countries. However, India and China are the two countries that would not succumb to the American hegemony..these two are the countries , which are developing on their own and are able to spread their options both economically and militarily. These two nations would be of most importance to any of the future strategic dialogue, simply because of the size of their economy and their armies. Russia shouldnt lose sight in the long term objectives for short term gains.


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